Quatr Quarts II

MAY 2024

Quatr Quarts II - Rosewest

What a pleasure it is to talk about my Cape Cod! The first visit to the Bordeaux workshop, where each piece is passionately assembled, and discussions with Hervé Nollet, who talks endlessly about his conception of sailing and life. Launching south of Corsica. First tack in Ajaccio Bay, then downwind to her home port near Bonifacio. What a sight to see the reflections of the water and the sun on my magnificent blue hull; what pride to send out this magnificent flaming red geenaker.

My Cape Cod glides through the water, melting the waves under the Corsican sun. I handle it alone, or even as a couple. I feel like I’m steering a great classic with modern technology and a spirit of tradition! A magnificent program: a few tacks upwind, downwind, then a stop close to a beautiful beach, very close, as I raise the keel. The central table unfolds in a jiffy, making lunch at 6/8 a breeze.

Then, with a few friends, we began to get to grips with regattas; valiantly, my CAPE COD sailed around Corsica in the Corsica Classic, competing with prestigious classics and other moderns. The season opener always began with a regatta in the Bay of Ajaccio. One stormy day, we even did a Match Racing regatta with two CAPE CODs in the entrance to the legendary port of Bonifacio.

Today, my CAPE COD went to the Arcachon basin, where it met up with its cousins for lunches on the Banc d’Arguin and a few regatta sails on the Dune du Pyla.

Thank you Rosewest, thank you Hervé!