Cape Cod 767 – Sport and Leisure

Voiles & Voiliers – Spécial salons 2022

Voiles & Voiliers, Cape Cod 767, Sport and Leisure - Rosewest

This little Cape Cod 767 presented by Rosewest is a surprise.
If the first one, inspired by the mackerel boats of Arcachon, played the card of a classic look and a much more sportive and frankly modern look. Inverted bow, powerful hull and a mast set back a long way characterise it. In order to go everywhere and to land easily on the sand, it is the choice of a dinghy which was retained. And if you regret the power conferred by a deep keel, you can take the trapeze option! In other words, there is no risk of getting bored on board. Even if you can also relax on board, with a mattress place in front of the mast and easy access to the bathing area at the back of the cockpit. And if you find the days too short, the foredeck has two berths so you can stay on board for the weekend.