The Arcachon basin with my Cape Cod Quatr Quarts 2

MAI 2024

Cape Cod Quatr Quarts 2 sur le bassin d’Arcachon

I’ve been sailing on the Arcachon basin with my Cape Cod Quatre Quarts 2, since 2019. Originally, the boat was based in South Corsica with its first owner.

After experimenting with different types of sailboats (Jouet 680, Beluga Jet, Kelt 29, Oceanis 311, Hobie Cat…) on the Arcachon basin, I was looking for a boat for outings with family, friends or solo. The Cape Cod perfectly meets my expectations, especially under sail, where I rediscover the sensations of light sailing with rapid reactions to wind changes.

One of the great pleasures of my boat, in addition to its aesthetics, is its low position on the water. The sound of the water flowing along the hull and passing through the waves amplifies the sensations under sail.

Each outing is unique, influenced by the crew and weather conditions. Sailing alone in strong winds is just as much fun as going out with friends for a more leisurely sail. I take part in a few local regattas, and each outing is an opportunity to measure ourselves against neighboring boats.

The advantage of the dinghy allows me to moor the boat on sandbanks or join my crew on a beach.

I also appreciate how easy it is to maneuver the boat, with all the halyards and sheets brought down to the helm station, allowing the rest of the crew to enjoy the sunshine in the cockpit.

The Cape Cod concept really comes into its own when anchored around the table, with a few oysters and a bottle of white wine.