Voiles Magazine – 2 Cape Cod – 2 moods

December 2022

Voiles Magazine – 2 Cape Cod – 2 moods - Rosewest

Since its launch in 2012, the Cape Cod from Rosewest has established itself as a sort of classic, taking on the codes of good old-fashioned classicism with its slender curves and superb varnished wood finishes. The new Cape Cod 767 is a radical change of tone with its taut, modern lines, inverted bow and trendy materials. The cockpit is as welcoming as ever and the programme is not far removed, except that the Cape Cod 767 can be used for a night or two under the large movable hatch in the forward deck area. Presented as a full dinghy (360 kg of daggerboard), it lends itself to all kinds of trips, with beaching at the end, and also offers a real ease of handling. Hervé Nollet, the owner of Rosewest and designer of the boats with the complicity of Thomas Seitz, who makes them feasible, has reinterpreted his favourite programme in another nautical register. But with an unchanged talent.

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Voiles Magazine – 2 Cape Cod – 2 moods - Rosewest