Ten years already…

MAY 2024

Ten years already… - Rosewest

Ten years already…

And yes, time flies and we’re preparing the tenth season of our Cape Cod.
She’s number 5, I believe, and since her launch in 2014, she’s never ceased to offer us so many wonderful moments of sharing and satisfaction.

The first thing that catches the eye is her aesthetics, combining classic hull shapes and a modern rig, which attract all eyes and arouse admiration. So many times at anchor, our Cape Cod has attracted the attention, if not the envy, of sailors.

Its design makes it a user-friendly boat, with a cockpit that can easily accommodate eight people. By comparison, to have such a welcoming outdoor space, you’d need a cruising yacht over 15 meters long!

But to return to more practical considerations, it’s very easy, whatever the age of the crew, to move from one side to the other without hindrance. Children, in particular, are safe.

A large bench seat and a table that folds out make for great dinners at anchor, and even when beached, as the hull is flat on the sandy bottom!

Well defended thanks to consistent forward freeboards, the bow wave doesn’t come back and the crew stays dry, even with a bit of chop!

A boat for all situations, Le Cape Cod is also perfectly maneuverable single-handed.

The helmsman has all the usual maneuvers at his fingertips, so he can steer through a channel without disturbing the crew! Similarly, the furling headsails (jib and geenaker) are operated from the helm!

First-class passengers can simply enjoy the scenery!

The Cape Cod’s seaworthy qualities also enable it to take part in regattas and make a good impression.

The Cape Cod’s design makes it at ease on all types of water. Offshore or inland, it offers all the safety you could wish for.

Made from quality materials, the Cape Cod stands up well to the test of time. Excluding the usual annual careening operations, maintenance is simple and she remains with all her aesthetic and functional qualities, always ready for new trips…


Catherine and Philippe