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My Cape Cod experience

My Cape Cod experience - Rosewest
My Cape Cod experience - Rosewest

It all starts with one (or more) meeting(s) at the Paris boat show with Hervé and then Sandra, followed by a message signed “sailing regards…” with the Cape Cod documentation. The dream can begin ;0)
Great support throughout my iterations (hull colour, choice of materials, sails, mainsail with horn more adapted to sailing on the lake).
Then came the first visit to Bordeaux to discover the shipyard and its team, the virtual reality experience and the signing of the order form.
The relationship is born, the adventure can begin.
Hervé is there, ready to answer all my questions (numerous) and welcome me to follow the construction stages.
You can feel his expertise in sailing and his passion for things well done and well thought out.
This was followed by x visits to Bordeaux to observe the bare hull, the construction of the teak deck, the mahogany woodwork… and the pleasant impatience to test the beast soon!
The delivery weekend is scheduled and this is part of the project.
An exceptional, joyful and very professional handling that shows the concern to ensure that the pleasure will be complete. Hervé delivers his “baby”.
All the adjustments are fine-tuned with the precious help of Thom (shrouds, sails, sheets, tacks, mooring lines ….). The team wants to make sure that everything is understood, with videos to back it up.

After a first season, “Take Five” gives us full satisfaction. Very good all weather walker from light airs to a good force 6.
Rosewest’s values are passion, attention to detail, experience and an incredible sense of caring. What a pleasure! Thank you for your time.

Sailing regards, Patricia and Philippe