the day-sailer Cape Cod 767 Lounge, an intelligent and exceptional boat.

le day-sailer, Cape Cod 767 Lounge

the day-sailer Cape Cod 767 Lounge,

The Rosewest shipyard in Bordeaux is making a name for itself with the Cape Cod 767 Lounge day-sailer, an intelligent and exceptional boat. An agile boat like no other.

The Cape Cod 767 Lounge represents a significant innovation in day-sailers, combining agility and exceptional performance for an unrivalled day-sailing experience. Designed for those looking to enjoy sailing for relaxation, sport, or nature discovery, the Cape Cod 767 is particularly suited to sailors looking for a boat that is easy to tow and ideal for short getaways.

Rosewest, with twelve years experience in the marine market, offers with the Cape Cod 767 a more compact and versatile alternative to its predecessor, the Cape Cod 896.

With a smaller reinterpretation of the modern day-boat, the brand is diversifying to meet the growing demand for simple, towable boats. Still an all-round dinghy, this new model stands out for its pivoting keel, which can be raised almost entirely, its rudder attached at the stern and its width of just 2.54 metres, perfectly suited to this use, including launching and leaving the water independently via a tow ramp. It takes just 1.5 hours to mate and rig.

Its construction is suitable for both sport and leisure sailing. Its design, marked by modern lines and a distinctively shaped hull, makes it an attractive option for sailors looking for a day-sailer that is both high-performance and aesthetically pleasing.
The Cape Cod 767 shines through with its racy handling and remarkable rigidity, offering excellent performance even in light wind conditions. Its intelligent design makes it easy to handle, even single-handed, and offers customisation options such as a carbon fibre mast and two trapezes for the sportier sailor. The spacious cockpit and simplified deck layout make for easy manoeuvring and accessible, enjoyable sailing.

Beyond its nautical qualities, the Cape Cod 767 Lounge innovates with practical solutions such as a storage compartment for an outboard motor and berths at the bow offering the possibility of spending the night on board in modest comfort. This Lounge version of the 767 has a base price of around €70,000, justified by its build quality, comprehensive standard equipment and performance.

In conclusion, the Cape Cod 767 from Rosewest is aimed at a demanding clientele looking for a top-quality day-boat capable of offering exceptional sailing experiences, whether for sporty outings or moments of relaxation on the water. This boat stands out for its design, versatility and innovations, promising to meet the expectations of the most passionate sailors.

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